IntelliProtector for Freeware 2.19: Protection and licensing service to protect freeware from reverse engineering

IntelliProtector for Freeware 2.19

freeware authors who want to protect their source code from alterations, repackaging or reverse engineering. The service will help you preserve the business potential of a freeware program for growing into a fully-fledged shareware product. IntelliProtector consists of a web-based control panel and a downloadable client, which is used to inject protection core into software. The web-based panel allows the freeware author to manage activations, generate

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Project Management Tutor 1.0: A freeware to introduce basics of project management

Project Management Tutor 1.0

freeware to introduce basics of project management. Highlights and explains all the jargons a project manager need to know in order to manage projects successfully. An ideal tool for a novice project manager. This tutorial covers the following: 1. Project management basics 2. Life cycle of a project 3. Role played by the project Manager 4. Common mistakes made during different phases of a project 5. Risk management 6. Views & graphs ( Gantt, PERT

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ASI FrontDesk Freeware 2007: A feature filled Free Hotel Software for small to mid size hotels and motels

ASI FrontDesk Freeware 2007

ASI FrontDesk Freeware is a general purpose hotel & motel software which is can be used as a hotel maintenance software, hotel reservations software, hotel management software, hotel billing software, general purpose hospitality software, hotel accounting software, hotel accommodation software, hotel property management software (PMS, PM Software) and as hotel booking software and as software for online hotel reservation.

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Vertabase 4.5: Project Management Software, web-based & online project management software.

Vertabase 4.5

PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. Online project management software and project management software solution with task management, project management, online timesheets, web timesheets. Web project management software that is easy to use for PC and MAC. Project reports and timesheets integrated with Quickbooks. Project management software replacement for MS Project. Alternative to Microsoft Project. Project management software solution & solutions.

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Free Lepide User Management 10.12.01: Use user management tool and manage user accounts within the Domain.

Free Lepide User Management 10.12.01

Lepide Local User Management is the most result oriented and convenient network management software that can help you organizing and managing the user account of every user present within a domain. In fact, this free local user management software is very much effective in fetching out the information about a particular user account in just a matter of few minutes.

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DAXA-Chart Privat 7.01: German freeware charting software for analyzing shares and portfolio management.

DAXA-Chart Privat 7.01

DAXA-Chart Privat is a freeware German program for analyzing and charting shares and portfolio management. Powerful yet easy to use, it is supplied with an initial database of 120 German stocks. Download further stockmarket price updates from our homepage for free.

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IPGuard 3.0.11: Freeware internet-cafe management solution

IPGuard 3.0.11

Freeware program for the management of the internet-cafes, computer clubs, internet-game clubs and such other.

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Task List Guru 2.606: Freeware task list organizer. Free to do list app for Windows with reminder etc.

Task List Guru 2.606

management and small project management. You can organize not just tasks, but also task lists, notes and reminders. The free task manager has a hierarchical task list tree with icons that allows you to organize all your todo lists and notes in a structure with icons. You can choose from 48 different colorful icons - this makes using this organizer fun. When it comes to task management, Task List Guru allows you to specify Priority, Due Date, Type

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Whistler`s List 1.050526: Whistler`s List: Go ahead.  Organize your day.  Freeware from Whistling Cow.

Whistler`s List 1.050526

Whistler’s List is a freeware program that showcases the to do list functions of KronoLog, Whistling Cow`s award winning "information manager for the information age." This program is visually appealing, re-sizable and font changeable. It also features a drag and drop reordering of priorities, “any column” reordering, pick lists for activities, projects and clients, access to multiple databases and a daily list print function.

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Service Desktop Pro 2.0.8

Service Desktop Pro is an integrated Business Information & Service Management Software. It is useful for small business managers,IT Service Providers, Freelancers, Consultants, Web Developers and Software Developers. It handles over 20 key business requirements including Contact Management, Leads Management, Project Management, Billing Management, Document Management, Expense Management and Customer Service Management.

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